Bloomfield, Wisconsin
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Bloomfield, Wisconsin

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Bloomfield, Wisconsin is home to 6,275 residents, has 84 miles of roads, and covers a 33.4 square mile area of land and water in Walworth County. 

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In-person Absentee Voting
By Appointment Only

10/24/16 - 11/04/2016
10 AM - 4 PM (M-F)
Voter Registration Form - All new voters and voters with a change of address and/or change of name must provide show *proof of residency with their application.  Must be a resident for at least 10 days before the Election date. 

Absentee Ballot Application - Voters may vote absentee by mail for one specific election or the current calendar year.  Indefinitely confined voters due to age or illness may apply to be on the permanent mailing list.  PHOTO ID REQUIRED!

For more information about voting changes*, please visit
FIND ALTERNATE ROUTE:  Seal coating of certain roads will begin on September 1st, to include Overlook, Orchid, Jasmine,  and  dedicated dead end roads in that area.    Questions should be directed to the Highway Department by calling 279-5783.  Thank you!
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09/26/2016 Committee Meetings

09/29/2016 Special Public Works Committee Meeting

10/03/2016 Board Meetings


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Remaining DUMPSTER DAYS 2016

Lake Ivanhoe Clubhouse
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Bloomfield Town Hall (behind Highway Shop)
Sept 24

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